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Where everybody has known each other for decades, where nobody is ever in a rush, and where you can enjoy the rural solitude that is southern Delaware...yeah, that's us.

Don't take us on a date to the city; we would much rather go for a picnic or a drive down country roads together.

Many men and women realized that these days it is more effectively to look for a partner online.

In this way, they became active users of sites for singles.

Start the journey by taking the e Harmony Personality Profile and get feedback that details how you relate to other Delaware singles.

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All of you who immediately went on the defensive when you read that - take a second and think about it. We'll try them, and they might even be good, but they'll never be true chicken and dumplings to us.

When you travel far out of state and someone asks where you're from, most of the time it's easier to just say "outside of Philly." And, no matter how much you want people to know you're FROM DELAWARE, you've got to admit that a lot of our culture comes from the bigger city to our north. Easiest date night ever: take us to the state fair.

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Paying more than you need to is something that Delawareans just don't understand. We love our weird food traditions, and watching pumpkins fly through the air.So, don't be surprised if we go out on the town and run into people we know everywhere. Yes, we get it, most of our state is named after the Du Ponts.We'll try not to let us distract from our date, but there may be a few people we've got to say hi to, for a brief moment. But do you really think we'd be dating YOU if we could be living it up at one of the Du Point Mansions?!So, your summer fling is turning into a little more than that, and you suddenly find yourself dating that person you met at Dewey Beach.Or, someone from Delaware just moved into your neighborhood out of state, and you’ve really hit it off.We are a matchmaking platform that connects people of different age, religion, preferences and intentions.

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